01-03/03/2024: (UN)Fair Milano 2024, con Van Gogh Art Gallery (Madrid)


16-30/11/2023: "Contemporary thoughts" , Galleria Monza International Art, via Marsala 17, Monza  


09-13/11/2023: "Arte in Villa" , Villa Filippini, Besana in Brianza con Galleria Monza International Art.


21/09/2023 - 06/10/2023: Venice International Art Fair, in Palace Albrizzi- Capello, Venezia, with Itsliquid Group and Goethe Institute


17/12/2022 - 27/01/2023: "Impronte d'arte" (Art Imprints) , in DuePuntoZer Gallery, via Fratelli Calvi 1/D, Bergamo, Italy


03-30/11/2022: "POP Art" in Gallery "Monza International Art", Monza, Italy


04-05/11/2022: FIABCN, Internationa Art Fair of Barcelona, with Gallery Agaphé (Barcelona)


26/03/2022 - 30/05/2022: "Colorful Reality", Kuvik Galerie - virtual exibition


14712/21- 21712/21: "Universi condivisi" (Shared universes), Passion Oratory by Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio, Milan, with gallery Jelmony                                           Studio Gallery


21/10/21- 04/11/21: “Are you ready?” Palazzo Ducale di Genova, cortile Maggiore; con Divulgarti Eventi Ducale, Genova 


02/10/21 - 10/10/21: Art Parma Fair, with Biancoscuro Gallery, Parma


04/06/21 - 30/06/21: "Sensazione del colore (Color sensation) " , Roccart Gallery, Florence


30/04/19- 25/05/19: "Sotto lo sguardo dell'artista", Roccart Gallery, Florence


12/2015: Winner of the National Painting Competition "Irida Award" in 2015 by the Greek community in Italy "Megali Ellada".


11/2015: Group exhibition "Turn it up" at the Art Hall Ass. Cul. "The Muses", RC


10/2015: Winner of the Art and Science National Award for the Straits Area "D.Smorto" for painting section.


05/2015: Personal painting exhibition "Reflections" at the Archaeological site Hypogeum Reggio Calabria organized by the Archaeological Heritage Superintendence of Calabria and the Ass. SoS Beniculturali.


05/07/2014: finalist in International Prize "Biennale d'Arte di Asolo " 2014.


2-25/5 / 2013: only artist invited to create a work for the prestigious exhibition "Passion Civil Engineers Ingenuity" at the Municipal Theatre Foyer F.Cilea, Reggio Calabria by the Archival Superintendency of Calabria.


9-23 / 3/2013: Personal exhibition "Moments" at underground archaeological site, Piazza Italy Reggio Calabria.


12/2012:  Winner of  the Internaional Prize "Prosfessionisti di Calabria 2012" 12th edition. 


07/2012: Personal exhibition of paintings, "Jazz in Reggio, summer", Villa Zerbi, Reggio Calabria


06/2012: Personal exhibition of paintings and musical instruments at Unical during the "White Nights Unical," Rende (CS)


12/2011: Winner of the "Art Culture and Tourism Domenico Aliquò" paint section. Among the other winners Gerardo Sacco (career).


07/2011: Produces a series of murals dedicated to childhood of the patron saint of Reggio C. San Gaetano Catanoso, Chorio di San Lorenzo (RC).


05/2011: Personal exhibition of paintings "Oriente - Part II," Circle Polimeni


03/2011: Personal exhibition of paintings "East-side before," Cultural Circle HP.


 11/05/2010: Personal painting "the art of expressing the self," University of the Third Age, Reggio Calabria


02/2010: Personal exhibition of painting , in Castle Tower of  Pensabene, Protonotaro (ME)


07/2009: personal exhibition "IpeReale"- Monument Square, Cannitello


01/2008: Group exhibition International "OpenArt 2008" (fifth edition) at Halls Bramante, Piazza de Popolo, Rome


09/2004: Invited to the first World Group exhibition "Art Card" at Shrajah Art Museum, Shrajah, United Arab Emirates


10/1999: Participation in the second "Biennial of Young Artists from Modena", Modena


09/1997: 1 prize at National Painting Competition "Real creative", work purchased by Banca Popolare of Emilia Romagna





- "How to make money with youtube", B. Schepp, published by McGrawHill, 2009. (Book also advertised in the Times and published only in the U.S. and UK)


- "I wanna be sedated" by L. Amato, publisher Morrone, 2007.


- Blue suite, music and lifestyle, July 27/08/2010


- "In  scene", magazine, May 2009, editions Farandula


- "Revolution art", online magazine, 2007


-Illustration on the cover of the book "The days of the rainbow" author: S.Russo

  and. EBook, 2011


-Cover for the magazine multilingual "HOLA TALES", the May 2011, dedicated al150 anniversary of the Unification of Italy.


-Interview and review in to  magazine titled "Police and institutions", bi-monthly, number 4 July 2011


-"The country can", Monthly FNA (National Foundation for Agriculture), number of April 2012


-Review and interview in Corriere della Calabria, weekly n 46 May 2012


-"Southern & Mediterranean", a cura Association "Domenico Aliquò", January 2012


-"Signs in Itinera", art catalogue , editions THE MUSE, 2012



                                               other exhibitions:


18/07/2010: Collective painting: "Abstractions distracting reflections", Cannitello


04/07/2010: action painting performances and exhibition, Milazzo (ME)


26/06/2010: body painting and performance of paintings, Capo Sperone


05/2010: collectively "Artists on the course," Corso Garibaldi Reggio Calabria


04/2010: collective "Scilla Artist", Castello Ruffo Scilla

03/2009: Group exhibition "Reggio to Europe via the Mediterranean", Reggio Calabria


08/2008: Exhibition "Personal tribute to A.Nicodemo" Villa San Giovanni "


07/2008: group exhibition: "Plural", Villa San Giovanni


06/2003: Group exhibition "Language and Cromoemozioni", Academy of Fine Arts in RC


06/2003: Group exhibition "15 nails art", Reggio Calabria


08/2001: Group exhibition "A day par l'Art", Villa San Giovanni 


08/2000: Collective, "Montebello", Montebello Jonico


04/1999: Group exhibition "City of Modena", 14th edition, Modena (MO)


07/1998: Group exhibition "Festival of Wheat", Villamarzana, Rovigo (RO)


06/1998: 5th National Award, "Between Secchia and Panaro," extempore, Village Garden Modena (MO)







design, construction and installation of the following shows:


2005: "Fame-Fame", directed by A.Parker Tania Romeo Theatre

          Politeama Syracuse Reggio Calabria


2004: "The Loves of Don Angelo Falvetti" of O.Arconte, directed by B.Crucitti Politeama Theatre Syracuse in Reggio Calabria


2004: "Don Giovanni and his servant" of R.Familiari, directed by

          T.Bergamaschi, Syracuse Politeama Theatre of Reggio Calabria


2004: "Moderato Cantabile" by L.Colavero, directed by T.Bergamaschi, Rome Argot theater, Teatro Politeama Syracuse Reggio Calabria


2003: "Merica" of T.Bergamaschi, directed by T.Bergamaschi, Syracuse Politeama Theatre of Reggio Calabria


2002: "State of Siege" of A.Camus, directed by R.Nicolini, Politeama Theatre Syracuse Di Reggio Calabria


2000/2001: "The Wedding" by E.Canetti, directed by R.Nicolini, Politeama Theatre Syracuse