Davide Ricchetti was born on 15/12/1979 in Modena, ITALY, the city where was born Luciano Pavarotti and Enzo Ferrari.. 

Since a child shows a talent for drawing, and every surface that is a sheet of paper or a wall of the house, are the basis for freeing a strong inner need to express themselves and communicate through signs, shapes, colors.

From 1993 to 1998 he studied architecture at the Technical Institute of Art "A. Venturi", where he developed a passion to design and technical design without forgetting the painting. In 1997 he won first prize in the contest "Real Creative" art event that called to vote thousands of people.
  During this period his paintings undergo a strong influence of Expressionist painting.
In 1997 he participates in the first edition of the "Biennale of Young Artists Modenese”. It is also used in the restoration of “affresco” in some houses of nobility.

In 2000 he moved to Reggio Calabria where he has the opportunity to study Art scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts Across the sketch stage refines considerably figurative style.
From 2000 to 2006 creates stage sets (the cooperation with major directors such as Tiziana Bergamaschi, Renato Nicolini, Marilu Prati), paintings for private individuals (mostly portraits) for local scenes, Public institutions, drawings and cartoons for websites and organizations.
Since 2006 Ricchetti begins to decorate musical instruments, especially guitars and basses.
Considerable appreciation that encounters abroad especially in Europe and the United States.

In recent years are numerous prizes and awards ("Art, culture and tourism" in 2011, "Best professionals calabria 2012", "Passion civil engineering genius" from the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage.
Since 2007, focuses his research pictorial about realism .
Currently lives in Villa San Giovanni which is unquestionably poses one of the greatest exponents of the area.